3600 FCKbankscoin cryptocurrency FCK get 3600 units for just 1 USDT and receive 3 XPM coins !

1.00 $
0.00001963 42-coin
0.00002650 BTC
203.88038199 DEM [Deutsche eMark]
0.50038977 DIMI [DiminutiveCoin]
11.97960642 DOGE
0.00048705 ETH
3.85532007 KMD [Komodo]
0.01439186 LTC
26.17914552 NVC [Novacoin]
0.99939045 USDT
0.91645360 EURT [Tether]
0.99936379 USDC

0.00002595 ₿
Published date: 05/11/2023
Modified date: 20/11/2023
  • Location: Ołtaszyn, Wrocław, Dolnośląskie, Poland
I offering a unique deal on FCKbankscoin !
Gain 3600 units of the FCK cryptocurrency for only 1 USDT But that's not all - you'll also receive 3 XPM coins, necessary for swift and hassle-free transfer of FCK between wallets.

Upon purchase, you'll instantly receive the FCK cryptocurrency in your electronic wallet. Remember, for your convenience, we're also including 3 XPM coins !

This isn't just a purchase offer, it's an opportunity to participate in future FCK trading on exchanges! FCKbankscoin will go directly into your wallet, ready for all transactions.

Important information:
Multi-wallet Gemmer, the transaction-handling application, is available for Android on the official Google Play store.
I assure lightning-fast electronic delivery upon receiving your FCK address.

Security Measures and Notes:
Security is a priority. Remember to keep your private key - it's the sole protection of your assets. If you lose your private key, you'll lose access to your funds ! It's crucial to maintain a backup copy.

More information about the FCKbankscoin project is available on the coin's website:

The buyer is responsible for providing the correct FCKbankscoin and XPM addresses. Make sure to keep your private key for the safety of your funds.

Familiarize yourself with the Gemmer application - Image no. 3 in Google Play. It's the appearance of the application you'll use to handle your transactions.

Important !
Ensure that you take a SCREEN [Image nr 10] of your private key and secure it. This is your only protection !

The FCK coin will be used as the base coin on the No HODL platform.

First, You receive the FCK, and after receiving the crypto to your wallet, you make the payment in USDT [ETH and BSC].

I accept payments in all cryptocurrencies and stablecoins available on the NH platform
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