Rules and Conditions. Terms of Use



Basic information


[Translation from the original by Google Translator. The original text in Polish can be found here: Polish ] is an international free advertising service for users who accept sales, exchange of goods and services also for cryptocurrencies and stablecoin.
The user by adding his advertisement / advertising at can choose the price, e.g. in:

- USD [American dollar], then the service will automatically count the value to BTC, other cryptocurrencies and stableleins, which are added at a given time to the automatic conversion. The values ​​that the automatic conversion on the website provides its data from the API of the statistical page, so these values ​​relative to different exchanges may differ directly.

- The user can add an advertisement with a price directly in cryptocurrency, which is currently available on the Website, without converting to USD.
Then such an advertisement has a direct price in a given cryptocurrency. By adding an advertisement in this form, the user must track the market course of a given cryptocurrency and modify / edit his advertisement depending on the market value of a given cryptocurrency.
If the user thinks that 1BTC = 1BTC and a converter to USD does not apply to [this ok], but does the other side of the transaction also think so ? [The market shows that not yet]
- The user can add an advertisement with a price directly by selecting available as a stablelein selection option.


The advertising service does not recommend any cryptocurrency and stableleins !
Cryptocurrencies and stablecoin posted on are absolutely no investment advice !
The displayed currency conversion rates are only in an information form and present an approximate market price !


Absolutely every user must necessarily do their own interview on cryptocurrency or stableleins, which appear on the website in the option of selection, advertisements, advertisements or in the content of user ads and assess their value, usefulness, according to their criteria. is not responsible for any value of cryptocurrencies and stableleins. The website is not responsible for market differences between the valuation in the site and markets. advertising service does not mediate in absolutely any financial transactions between the parties carrying out sales, purchase, exchange, service, both in USD and cryptocurrencies or stableleins. also does not mediate in deliveries, warranty transactions, and the provision of deposit services.
We do not offer absolutely any protection of buyers or sellers' certificates, etc.


The website is by definition only for local transactions, which you should implement in person and directly with the other party, according to P2P rules !
Absolutely any deviations from this principle are very risky, reminds that cryptocurrency shipping is an irreversible process. informs that cryptocurrencies are characterized by great variability and accepting them for goods and services is very risky due to the unstable value relative to traditional currencies.

Website users must be aware that the broadly understood cryptocurrency market [cryptocurrencies, tokens, stableleins, NFTs, etc.] is still a very "shallow" market susceptible to effective manipulation. users must also remember about legal and tax regulations.
The user must check for his region of residence whether:
- In his country, cryptocurrencies are a legal means of payment
- if so, what and what tax and legal effects are caused by their acceptance by both parties to the transaction
- if not, if it is more barter in this case when accepting such an exchange in this case, or does it protect him by any consumer right reserves the right to add and remove various cryptocurrencies and stableleins from the service. makes every effort to ensure that the valuations of virtual currencies on the site are as market as possible at the moment.




The advertisement site will be referred to as NH in the remainder of the regulations.
These Terms of Use apply from the date at the top of this page.

NH provides an international website and other services, local mobile applications, services and tools under the name No HODL and the domain

These General Terms of Use [hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use"] contain the basic rules for the use of NH advertising services.
User conditions deviating from these conditions do not apply unless confirmed in writing by NH.

NH terms of use and services are written in the native language of the NH owner, i.e. Polish.

NH is a free service and possible future payments may concern additional options, e.g. fees for promoting your ad, etc.


Description of services and application of advertisements


As part of NH's services and advertisements, NH provides an online service through which the user as an advertiser / advertiser can create and publish offers and inquiries [hereinafter "advertisements"] consisting of text and images, and a potential customer can view published advertisements of other users . In addition, the NH advertisement service also enables the exchange of electronic messages between advertisers and interested parties. If necessary, NH will convert to file formats suitable for NH advertising services. NH will convert your advertisements into formats for use in mobile applications and websites.

The NH website is used to publish advertisements and to connect suppliers and potential customers of published goods and services.
NH is not a provider of advertising products, goods or services advertised on NH.

As part of displaying the ad and on the user's review page, NH may display additional information about the user and his activities on the site [this may be information about the response rate and / or average response time to inquiries about published ads, activity rates, etc.] NH may also identify the user based on specific criteria.

NH allows users to evaluate each other based on specific interactions. The use of the evaluation system is based on the principle of the NH announcement evaluation function. NH also enables the comment function of advertisements posted on the website.

NH allows users to follow other users or ads and save searches. The NH can inform the user about items on the watchlist, including changes to the description or price changes, about newly listed items of the following users, and about new items that match the requested search.

NH publishes and advertises services posted by users themselves and through third parties, for example by placing advertisements or snippets of advertisements on websites, in apps, in e-mail, print, radio and TV marketing campaigns or in other media. NH also enables third parties to publish their advertisements and services through NH. NHs may also provide third parties with access to data, information and content published through NH services to support these efforts. The user allows NH to use the above-mentioned use of his adverts for the purpose of advertising and increasing the reach of NH classifieds sites. This also applies to translations in order to integrate translated advertisements with foreign-language offers.

The NH advertisement service is available to every user free of charge. In order to submit complaints and other inquiries, please send a message to the following e-mail address: Customer Service documents the submitted complaints, carefully examines them and, within a reasonable time, will take all necessary actions and inform about it or about the result of the complaint procedure of the user.

NH allows users to sort search results according to various criteria [e.g. directly in a given category]. In addition, advertisements for which the respective provider has agreed to pay a fee for their visible display may also be displayed in the search results and on NH websites [e.g. as ad at the top]. The accuracy of searching for advertisements in NH depends on the choice of language used by the user, in relation to the language in which the advertisement was added.


User account with and without registration


In order to take full advantage of NH's classifieds services, the user must be registered. Registration is necessary to display certain contact details of advertisers, advertisers, full access to your account with the possibility of full data editing, etc. The condition for registration is that the user is a natural person, legal person or company. If the user is a minor, he can register for NH advertisements only with the consent of his legal guardian. In such a case, NH reserves the right to make the provision of services conditional on the submission of proof of the consent of the legal guardian.

The user may also use the option of adding an advertisement without registration, providing only an e-mail address when adding an advertisement. Adding an advertisement in this form allows you to edit the advertisement or remove it, only through links sent by NH to the e-mail address provided when adding an advertisement.

An advertisement added without registration will be checked by NH after some time. If there are indications that the advertisement is with an incorrect e-mail address and the user has posted an advertisement that is not accessible, such advertisement will be deleted.

The user without registration also has the option of sending messages directly to the advertiser via the NH [button / window contact the advertiser] Such messages must contain the e-mail address of the sender and pass through the NH server in accordance with the privacy policy.

The user is obliged to provide true and complete data when registering an account in NH. If the data changes after registration, the user is obliged to immediately update the data in the password-protected area of ​​the NH website user.

By submitting the registration form, the user submits an offer to conclude a user contract with the NH website, with which he accepts the validity of the terms of use and declares knowledge of the data protection declaration. If NH service accepts your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a personalized link. Upon receipt of the confirmation e-mail, a contract for the use of NH classifieds services is concluded [hereinafter the "contract of use"] between the NH service and the user. To complete the registration, the user must follow the link provided in the confirmation e-mail and thus verify his e-mail address.

After successful registration, an account is created for the user, which he can access with his e-mail address and the password selected during registration. The password can be changed by the user at any time in the password-protected user area. It must be kept secret by the user and protected against access by unauthorized third parties. If a user learns or suspects that his access data is being used without authorization by a third party, he must immediately notify NH and change his password without delay.

Each user can register for NH advertising services only once for private use and multiple times for commercial use ["Commercial Users"] Multiple registration for commercial / company users is possible if each registration is for a different company and the user has the right to do so . User accounts are not transferable.

NH may limit the use of certain functions of NH services or the extent to which certain functions can be used, provided that additional requirements are met, e.g. no provision of additional data, research and verification of user data, duration of use, type of use [private / commercial] , user history, etc.

NH also reserves the right to test new or changed features for specific user groups in order to improve the user experience, as long as it is reasonable for users, taking into account the legitimate interests of NH. This can lead to different presentations for different users.

The user receives an overview of the ads he has posted on his user profile page. It also receives information about its activity indicators and can make changes to its settings, preferences and data.

As part of NH services, NH has access to a variety of information about users, including personal data. This includes, in particular, information that users submit to the NH website as part of the NH advertisement services [e.g. contact information or advertising information] and information generated during the provision and processing of services and advertisements in NH [e.g. ratings, activity indicators or communication]. Through the NH, users receive the information necessary to provide the NH service [in particular the messages and contact details of the buyer concerned]. Users also have access to important information they have sent [in particular in news, announcements, advertisements and settings]

NH provides analytical data to specific groups of users about their activities and the advertisements they placed. NH will forward the announcement, including the announcements contained in this document. User information and other information from advertising services, the data is transferred to third parties or third parties have access to this information only if it is necessary for the provision of the NH advertisement service [e.g. to increase reach in the case of advertising]. The NH advertisement service may publish advertisements through third parties in accordance with these terms of use or the NH website is contractually authorized to do so.

In its data protection declaration, NH informs you about the processing of personal data by the NH website, including its transfer to third parties, and about your rights as a data subject.


Conclusion of the contract


If you have successfully registered with the NH, you have the option to create your own advertisements free of charge via the NH website and publish them on the NH website. NH reserves the right to limit the number of advertisements posted free of charge by the user within a certain period of time. NH Advertisements may offer service packages with special services or conditions for specific user groups and / or certain categories.

By entering the advertisement data and submitting, the user concludes an agreement with the NH website for the temporary publication of the advertisement [hereinafter "Advertising Agreement"]
You can cancel the process at any time before submitting the form by closing the browser or application window.

NH may accept an offer to conclude a contract for an advertisement by submitting a separate declaration to the user or by activating the advertisement. An advertising contract is concluded with the acceptance of the offer by NH. NH is not obliged to accept contractual offers from the user.

Advertising data is always stored electronically. The user can manage his ads in the password-protected area of ​​the NH website user, and in particular delete them there. The text of the advertising contract is not saved separately. However, the user can call up the terms of use on which the advertising contract is based at any time via the NH classifieds website and then save them in a reproducible form.

Even after the conclusion of the advertisement agreement, for technical reasons, it may happen that the advertisement is not found immediately after its activation by searching for a category or using the search terms on the NH website.

If any invoices are sent, this is done only electronically.

The user is not allowed to offer or transfer the purchased services to third parties without the consent of the NH website, in particular, this applies to services covered by the contract for an additional special service package, e.g. for advertisers, etc.


Requirements for the content of posted ads


The user is obliged to place each advertisement in the appropriate category and to describe his offer truthfully and with all relevant features and properties using words and, if possible, also meaningful pictures. NH can support the user, e.g. by proposing the category or other features of the offered item based on a specific title. The user is obliged to carefully check all entries and accept only relevant suggestions for his advertisement.

When placing an advertisement, the user is not obliged to indicate whether he publishes the advertisement privately or as part of a gainful or independent professional activity. For registered users, the user account has an option to select whether the account is private or corporate. Under certain conditions, NH may require the user to make a general statement as to whether he is only using his user account privately or exclusively for commercial purposes.

Posting announcements, advertisements, texts, images or other content that violates the law, these regulations, the rights of third parties or good manners is prohibited.


In particular, it is forbidden to post

- content that violates the provisions of copyright law, trademark law
- content that violates the statutory provisions on the protection of minors
- content that violates NH's Prohibited Content Policy or
- content that contains false information or is otherwise misleading
- pornographic content
- violent content involving humans and animals
- content inciting to hatred on the basis of national, ethnic, racial, religious differences, or due to non-religion
- content that infringes the personal rights of third parties
- music, movies, software and other goods that infringe intellectual / copyright property
- chemicals that may endanger life and health or the environment
- psychotropic substances and intoxicating substances, especially drugs
- explosives and pyrotechnics
- medicinal products
- human and animal organs, tissues
- animals from unregistered farms
- alcoholic beverages and tobacco products
- counterfeit products that are labeled in a way that could mislead customers
- personal data, lists of e-mail addresses
- goods and services that are prohibited by law, access is restricted by law, or require permits to sell or purchase.

Users who use NH's advertising services as a commercial provider, eg in the Pizza day, [restaurants, bars] etc. category or otherwise for business purposes, are subject to specific legal regulations in their country. These are i.a. obligations to fulfill statutory disclosure obligations, and in particular to ensure full identification of the supplier, meeting legal and tax requirements. NH is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information contained therein. NH is also not liable for any tax and legal consequences arising from the sale of goods and services to commercial and private persons using the NH.


Special obligations of the User


The user is obliged to refrain from any action that could endanger the safe operation of NH classifieds services, annoy other users or otherwise go beyond the intended use of NH classifieds services.


In particular, he is obliged to refrain from

- sending e-mail advertisements, text messages, chain letters, dangerous links or other offensive content
- sending viruses or other technologies that could harm NH services, interests, property and other users
- expose NH infrastructures to overburden or otherwise disrupt or jeopardize the functioning of NH advertising services
- reproduce, make available to the public, disseminate, edit or otherwise use the content of NH advertisements in a way that goes beyond the intended use of NH advertisements services without the prior consent of NH
- duplicate, make available to the public, distribute, edit or otherwise use advertisements, advertisements or other content of third parties without their prior consent in a way that goes beyond the intended use of NH advertising services
- use indexing robots or other automatic mechanisms to access NH website services, collect content without the express written consent of the NH website
- collect or use information, in particular e-mail addresses or telephone numbers, about other users without the user's prior consent
- circumvention measures to prevent or limit access to NH


The user is obliged to save and archive all data and information stored on the NH website, which he may not currently need but may need in the future for the purposes of securing evidence, accounting or other purposes.


Removing ads, blocking Users, other measures


NH has the right to remove all or part of any advertisements, advertisements or other user content posted on NH services or to postpone or not post any advertisements or other user content if there are specific indications that the advertisement or content violates these terms of use, legal requirements, or that the user has otherwise breached the contractual obligations. In this case, NH may also warn the user and / or temporarily or permanently prevent him from using NH's classifieds services. In the case of a temporary or permanent blockade, NH will inform the user about this circumstance a few days before the blockage takes effect and justify it on a durable medium [e.g. e-mail], provided there are no other reasons. The aforementioned period does not apply if the termination or permanent blocking results from mandatory legal provisions or official orders or NHS can prove that the user has repeatedly violated these terms of use, leading to termination or permanent blocking.

NH also reserves the right not to publish announcements, advertisements or remove them from NH services if there are indications that the offered product is not freely available for sale or is offered in some other illegal way, or if there are indications that the advertisement is intended or added for offensive purposes. NH also reserves the right to exclude certain products from advertisements, advertisements and remove relevant advertisements if these products are usually posted for offensive purposes.

If the user has been excluded from the use of NH advertising services, or if the user contract has been terminated, the user can no longer use the NH advertising services through other user accounts, including user accounts created for third parties and may not reapply for registration in NH.

NH has the right to limit or terminate the provision of NH advertisements services, in whole or in part, and delay the publication of advertisements or other user content, if this is due to limitations in the capacity, security or integrity of the server, or due to implementation measures are necessary or serves the proper or better service delivery [maintenance work].

If NH takes one of the measures in accordance with this section, in particular in the event of limitation, blocking or termination of the contract, users have the opportunity to report the facts underlying such a measure as part of reporting a complaint for clarification to the e-mail contact provided in the complaint point.




NH is a free service.
NH reserves the right to introduce paid additional options, e.g. fees for promoting its advertisement or package of advertisements.
If such a paid promotion option for highlighting an advertisement etc. is introduced, these terms and conditions will be updated with this payment point.


Responsibility for NH advertisements


Announcements, advertisements and other user content published on the NH website do not reflect the opinion of NH and are not checked by NH for their legality, correctness and completeness. The software on the NH website works automatically, registration, adding ads is also done automatically. NH does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the advertisements, or the quality, safety or legality of the goods or services offered by users.
The user who places and publishes the advertisement is fully responsible for the posted advertisement, its content and photos.
Any claims of third parties in this respect may in no way be directed to the NH service.
In these regulations and rules, NH informs users exactly about the responsibility for the posted ads.
In order to be able to react faster to inappropriate advertisements published in NH, NH has placed on the advertisement pages the possibility of marking and automatically reporting by any user [without registration also], inappropriate advertisements by marking [spam, misclassified, duplicate, expired, offensive]


User Responsibility


The user indemnifies the NH advertisements service from any claims that other users or other third parties may pursue against the NH service due to infringement of their rights through advertisements, advertisements and other content posted by the user on NH services or because of their other use of NH advertisements and services in NH. The user bears the entire costs of the necessary legal defense of the NH website, including all legal and attorney fees in the statutory amount.

In the event of a claim by a third party, the user is obliged to provide NH immediately with all the information required to deal with and defend against claims, truthfully and in full upon request.
The deletion of the NH account does not result in the termination of any third party claims against the user.

Any liability of the user beyond these provisions remains unaffected.


Termination of the User Agreement


Unless otherwise agreed, the user may terminate the contract for the use of NH at any time in text form without notice. For this purpose, it is sufficient to send a notice of termination by e-mail to the following address:
The user also has the option of deleting the account on the NH advertising website, after logging in to the user account tab.

NH may terminate the contract of use at any time, it also has the right to remove individual ads, block users and take other actions in accordance with these terms and conditions, as well as the right to terminate the contract without giving a valid reason.

Upon termination of the contract of use, all current user announcements will be deleted from the NH website and the user's account will be deactivated. From that moment on, the user no longer has access to the user account. The user account and all user data stored for it will be deleted no later than six months after the end of the contract. This does not apply to data that the NH website is legally obliged to store or has a legitimate interest in keeping, e.g. to prevent re-login after a legitimate blockade.

Archived data generated as a result of use can, in principle, continue to be stored even after the end of the contract.

NH also reserves the right to irrevocably deactivate and delete user accounts with incomplete registration details and user accounts that have been inactive for a period of at least 12 months. NH announcements will notify the user on a durable medium [e.g. by e-mail] at least a few days before deleting the user's account.




Detailed information on the collection, processing and use of the user's personal data in connection with registration, the implementation of the user contract and the use of NH website services can be found in the NH website data protection declaration in the privacy policy, tab: Privacy Policy


Modification of the Regulations of the Terms of Use


The following rules apply to changes to these terms of use: The user can agree to the changed terms of use by accepting them by posting notices or using the NH website. Changes to the terms of use NH will be marked with a corresponding published note at the top in the Regulations tab above the previous terms and conditions with information about what has been changed or added to the previous terms. NH may at any time propose to you to amend these terms of use. Changes to these terms of use will be sent to users in English text form [e.g. by e-mail] no later than a few days before the proposed date of entry into force. The user's consent will be deemed given if the rejection of the changes is not communicated to NH in text form before the proposed effective date of the changes. If you do not agree with the changes, you have the right to terminate the contract without prior notice, up to the effective date of the changes. In the message in which changes are proposed, NH will also indicate the user's right to refuse, the time limit for this and the possibility of terminating the contract.


Exercise of rights by third parties, takeover of the contract


In order to fulfill the contract and to exercise the rights under this contract, NH may use other affiliated companies.

NH has the right to transfer all or part of its rights and obligations under this contractual relationship to a third party with one month's notice.
In this case, the participant has the right to terminate the use contract.


Final Provisions


Due to the seat of the owner of the NH website in Poland, and the registration of [in the] of the domain also in Poland, the law of the Republic of Poland shall apply, it applies only to the terms of use, the contract of use and all agreements based on them between the NH advertisement website and the user.

In connection with the above information, both the Rules and Conditions. Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy are written in the owner's native language, i.e. Polish, and can only be interpreted in this language.
The application of the United Nations Sales Convention [CISG] is excluded.
Due to the international nature of the NH classifieds website, if a given user, using the ads and advertisements posted on the NH classifieds website, has used and purchased a good or service locally, the consumer is bound by the regulations in the given country of sale, purchase of goods or services.
The NH website is intended to provide local advertisements and services in a given region of the world.
Hence, each user posting, publishing an advertisement, advertisement and the user wishing to use it must be aware that they are subject to the law in their territory to make transactions for the purchase / sale / exchange of goods or services.

In the event of any disputes arising from the contract for the use of the NH website and these terms of use, the only place of settlement is Poland with the court in the city of Wrocław.


NH may talk to reach an out-of-court settlement of any disputes with users, but the terms of use for NH's classifieds website are so clear that all provisions should not give rise to any ambiguity. If some provisions of these terms of use are incomprehensible to the user or raise doubts [e.g. by translating from Polish to other language] Please send a question [only in Polish or English] to clarify a specific issue to the e-mail address: and not to use the NH website in any form until the answer is received. The NH website will answer in Polish for Polish users and in English for questions from other regions.


If individual provisions of these Terms of Use prove or become invalid or ineffective in whole or in part, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. The provisions of these Terms of Use, which are not included or are ineffective, supersede the statutory provisions. If such a statutory law is not available in a given case [regulatory gap] or would lead to an unacceptable result, the parties will enter into negotiations to find an effective regulation that is as economically close as possible to the unincorporated or ineffective provision.