No HODL use crypto Locally, Direct, No 3rd parties, Only P2P !


[Translation from the original by Google Translator. The original text in Polish can be found here: Polish ] is an international free advertising service for users who accept sales, exchange of goods and services also for cryptocurrencies and stablecoin.
The user by adding his advertisement / advertising at can choose the price, e.g. in:

- USD [American dollar], then the service will automatically count the value to BTC, other cryptocurrencies and stableleins, which are added at a given time to the automatic conversion. The values ​​that the automatic conversion on the website provides its data from the API of the statistical page, so these values ​​relative to different exchanges may differ directly.

- The user can add an advertisement with a price directly in cryptocurrency, which is currently available on the Website, without converting to USD.
Then such an advertisement has a direct price in a given cryptocurrency. By adding an advertisement in this form, the user must track the market course of a given cryptocurrency and modify / edit his advertisement depending on the market value of a given cryptocurrency.
If the user thinks that 1BTC = 1BTC and a converter to USD does not apply to [this ok], but does the other side of the transaction also think so ? [The market shows that not yet]
- The user can add an advertisement with a price directly by selecting available as a stablelein selection option.


The advertising service does not recommend any cryptocurrency and stableleins !
Cryptocurrencies and stablecoin posted on are absolutely no investment advice !
The displayed currency conversion rates are only in an information form and present an approximate market price !


Absolutely every user must necessarily do their own interview on cryptocurrency or stableleins, which appear on the website in the option of selection, advertisements, advertisements or in the content of user ads and assess their value, usefulness, according to their criteria. is not responsible for any value of cryptocurrencies and stableleins. The website is not responsible for market differences between the valuation in the site and markets. advertising service does not mediate in absolutely any financial transactions between the parties carrying out sales, purchase, exchange, service, both in USD and cryptocurrencies or stableleins. also does not mediate in deliveries, warranty transactions, and the provision of deposit services.
We do not offer absolutely any protection of buyers or sellers' certificates, etc.


The website is by definition only for local transactions, which you should implement in person and directly with the other party, according to P2P rules !
Absolutely any deviations from this principle are very risky, reminds that cryptocurrency shipping is an irreversible process. informs that cryptocurrencies are characterized by great variability and accepting them for goods and services is very risky due to the unstable value relative to traditional currencies.

Website users must be aware that the broadly understood cryptocurrency market [cryptocurrencies, tokens, stableleins, NFTs, etc.] is still a very "shallow" market susceptible to effective manipulation. users must also remember about legal and tax regulations.
The user must check for his region of residence whether:
- In his country, cryptocurrencies are a legal means of payment
- if so, what and what tax and legal effects are caused by their acceptance by both parties to the transaction
- if not, if it is more barter in this case when accepting such an exchange in this case, or does it protect him by any consumer right reserves the right to add and remove various cryptocurrencies and stableleins from the service. makes every effort to ensure that the valuations of virtual currencies on the site are as market as possible at the moment.